Understanding leads to results

What we do

Our mission is to enable individuals, teams, and organisations to be successful in an international environment.

BBi Communication is an intercultural communication company that offers language training, intercultural leadership programs, intercultural training and translation services. We have been operating since 1986 and have production sites on all five continents.

BBi is member of Sietar and EuRa and works in accordance with national quality certification.

Why BBi?


Long experience and success delivering high quality services within international leadership, cross-cultural training and language training. Through our work within relocation services we get an invaluable insight of the conditions and challenges expatriates and their families faces.

Cost efficient awareness

Global markets bring global competition. Today businesses have to be both effective and efficient. From our perspective, this means that we respect our customers’ investments and budgets, but deliver a high level of quality at all times. We achieve this through offering flexibility and customisation

Pedagogy and Methodology

Coaches, consultants and trainers are approved by our Training Managers. We work in accordance with our training pedagogy and methodology to ensure delivery and consistency. It is vital that you feel secure at all times when working with us as a partner. We regard language training as a significant aspect of achieving a high level of intercultural skills and that is why we offer both services in-house.

Global network

Our global network of coaches, intercultural consultants and language trainers enables us to provide you with world wide solutions.

Partnerships – long term commitment

We view our work in a long term perspective. Working in conjunction with us lays the foundation for continuous improvements to your organization and its processes.

We follow global trends, keep up-to-date with research and papers, and work together with universities to increase our knowledge and develop our services.

Customer satisfaction – Quality – Dedication

We are constantly seeking to improve our services and how we perform them. We therefore always follow-up the services we perform for you and provide feedback in dialogue with you. We enjoy challenges, are good at what we do and, ultimately, love what we do.


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