The 16th of June last, BBi Communication and AresBank successfully celebrated a professional breakfast meeting, the first of a series of events organized by both companies.

Over two hours we analysed the Algerian market and its numerous opportunities, challenges and advantages. After AresBank shared its experience in banking practices in this country, BBi Communication highlighted the importance of being aware of the culture and the local habits in order to be successful in business negotiations in the Algerian market. In fact, one of the main causes for failure in negotiations and international projects is the lack of knowledge and preparation about local habits. For the past 20 years BBi Communication has been trying to change this trend and help companies succeed through breakfasts, seminaries and trainings since.

The participants, among them companies such as Everis, Quimidroga, Adam food and Telstar, shared their experiences being already present in Algeria or having this country in their line of fire as a short-term strategy.

The Maghrebi region is the second largest reserve of gas worldwide and one of the main actors among oil-producing countries. Sectors related to energy (traditional and renewable), pharmaceuticals, construction equipment and teams, equipment goods, agricultural equipment, equipment for fluids and water treatment and food products offer the greatest business opportunities.

Moreover, there are plans to modernise and improve in every sectors (modernisation of slaughterhouses and refrigeration networks, etc).

Despite some difficulties that Algeria is itself trying to solve, the conclusion drawn from this first meeting is that its market is undoubtedly full of opportunities for Spanish companies.