BBi Communication Spain participated last week in the 19th International Logistics and Material Handling forum that took place in Barcelona; SIL2017

Nina Heindrichs, Country Manager, BBi Spain, took part in one of the Mediterranean logistics and transport roundtables. She talked about the important role of Human Resources and International Talent when it comes to work in international projects; she highlighted the importance of professionals having international competencies that allow them to realize how culture affects our communication and therefore our roles as managers and colleagues, as well as being able to adapt our communication and management style depending on the culture that we are dealing with, even when it comes to neighboring cultures such as the Mediterranean.
She shared a few real company cases in which BBi intercultural trainings were key in terms of carrying out and solving and reducing conflicts in different international projects.

We are delighted to collaborate with companies of the logistics sector in the development of their intercultural competence and their work in the Mediterranean.