We know that in the era of globalization, the capacity of organizations to adequately manage cultural diversity is one of the determining factors of either failure or success. By addressing this diversity and developing the intercultural skills of their employees, organizations increase the success rates of their international projects and multicultural teams, thus taking full advantage of cultural diversity.

BBi Communication, a leading international company providing in-company cultural diversity management programs, encourages businesses to take advantage of this date, to start (or continue) a strategic cultural diversity management plan. Training is for companies who have a multicultural team or who have professional relationships with collaborators, customers and suppliers of other cultures.


To address the cultural diversity of your company and develop the intercultural competencies of professionals working within an international and multicultural environment.

In order to:

Improve the productivity of your multicultural teams and guarantee the success of your international projects taking full advantage of the benefits of cultural diversity.

21st May: Cultural Awareness recreational workshop

Among other possible actions and training programs, we want to highlight that this workshop that will allow participants to:

  1. Become aware of the impact that culture has at the workplace when communicating internationally and the challenges that this entails.
  2. Know and analyze their own cultural profile and cultural gap and compare with the cultures of interest.
  3. Learn strategies and best practices in order to be successful in a multicultural and international environment.

Format: Workshop in-company

Metodología: An interactive workshop in which self-diagnosis materials, "role play" games and business case videos are used.

Length: Half a day

Contact: adriana.benitez@bbi-spain.es