The business world is in the midst of a fundamental change and in the next decade the ability of organisations to manage their global and international talent efficiently will mark the difference between success and failure.

On one hand, Talent mobility levels have increased by 25% over the last decade and a further 50% growth is predicted by 2020 and on the other hand new Expatriation and mobility models are used more and more by the international companies. Taking into consideration the new generations such as millennials who are changing the rules of business, mobility and talent management and the political and economic situation of the Mediterranean area will help us to understand better the whole business picture, or at least to start the debate.

This is why the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders opens the Mediterranean Human Capital Forum in order to discuss these aspects from an HR and business perspective through 3 main topics:

1. Junior talent mobility: attraction, development and retention in Mediterranean countries

2. The internationalization of construction and infrastructure companies: the challenge of expatriation

3. The impact of migration in the Mediterranean area and its effect on talent management

During the round tables, experts and companies will share their experiences, best practices and discuss the difficulties they are facing in Talent and Mobility Management.

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