Discover how culture impacts our way of communicating, negotiating and leading analyzing your own cultural profile and the aspects to be taken into account when working with professionals from other cultures. Deadlines and time management, hierarchy, risk management, communication style, task or person orientation, emotional management, many parameters that vary according to culture and affect our work in a diverse and global environment. With this course from BBi Communication you will develop the intercultural competencies necessary to communicate and work in a global environment in an efficient and successful way.


This course is designed for:

For professionals working in an international environment, whether they are partners of different nationalities or clients, suppliers and international collaborators.



Practical information



  • Barcelona: 6/07/2018
  • Madrid: 13/07/2018


  • Barcelona: 5/10/2018
  • Madrid: 16/10/2018


  • 7 hours+ 1 hour for lunch


  • 9:30 a 17:30


  • Barcelona: Balmes, 24 (08007)
  • Madrid: Velázquez, 69 (28006)


  • 390 euros per person.

This price includes the course material. (Documents and culture profile).


Registration and Information: