English Language Coaching will allow you to:

  • Be in charge of your own learning process
  • Learn in an experiential and personal way
  • Make the development of your English skills part of your day to day
  • Adapt the content to your real and personal needs
  • Enjoy the process of learning the language
  • Get fast and effective results


  1. Diagnostic: identification of the needs and profile of the participant
  2. Development and definition of objectives, tools and guidelines to follow, based on the diagnostic
  3. Acquisition of language skills
  4. Development, feedback and motivation from the coach

The Coach

The "coach" does not instruct. The "coach" extracts resources from the individual so that a choice of direction can be made; the best way to improve performance and ensure motivation and dedication.

  • The role of the coach is to:
  • Listen to objectives
  • Observe actions
  • Detect communicative difficulties
  • Offer self-learning tools
  • Give "feedback"
  • Introduce new strategies
  • Motivate and support throughout the process


Coaching allows and favors a mixed format that allows combining face-to-face activities, online activities, conferences, webinars, networking events, face-to-face, virtual and telephone sessions with the coach, etc.

Length: we recommend a program of activities of a minimum duration of 12 weeks (3 months).