BBi Communication and Aresbank celebrated, on Friday 23rd of February, the second edition of a series of business breakfasts dedicated to the analysis of different countries of the MENA region; this time the meeting focused on: "IRAN´s current situation and business opportunities". The event was a success for both organizers and participants.

BBi Communication, a global company leader in international skills training, highlighted the importance of taking into account the local business culture when doing business with other countries. Experts and participants shared their knowledge and experiences; the cultural gap between Spain and Iran was analyzed in an activity conducted by BBi Intercultural experts as well as the misunderstandings that may arise from international relations. The importance of becoming aware and develop certain intercultural skills before starting any kind of negotiation or collaboration was mentioned, thus increasing the chances of success, with cultural intelligence being an increasingly determining aspect in international business.

Aresbank, a bank specializing in the MENA region and foreign trade, shared its extensive experience on banking in Iran, answering many of the participants questions. The sectors of interest, the current situation of the country and the Iranian market were also analyzed. Iran, Persian Gulf country, with great natural resources, a privileged geographical situation, a population of more than 80 million people and a high educational level. The lifting of sanctions and the planned reforms in the goods and services markets make the Iranian situation an economy open to international trade.

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