To be an Expat Spouse in a foreign country without having a good level of the local language can make the expatriation experience more challenging. This is why BBi Communication offers an exclusive intensive Spanish course to foreign spouses who are living in Spain and would like to improve their language level for social and daily life situations.



The training includes interactive speaking exercises, listening and reading comprehension, as well as vocabulary building to communicate better in Spanish.


What makes it different?

Language is more than just a means of communication; it both influences the culture and is influenced by the culture. Combine your language

training with learning about Spain from an intercultural perspective to understand what the Spanish are like and why?

For Whom?

Foreign spouses

Language levels

Groups will be formed based on an individual language level test.



The program includes a total of 20 hours of training divided into 5 days x 4 hours face to face classes in small groups (maximum of 3 to 6 participants).

1 to 1 classes are also available.

Practical information


  • November 20th to 24th 2017


  • 10:00 to 14:00 


  • Barcelona: Balmes, 24 (08007)
  • Madrid: Velázquez, 69 (28006)


  • 290 euros per participant.

The price includes training and material.



Registration and Information: